Fraser island is renowned for it's fantastic beach fishing.

Tailor during the months from June to October. Most use pilchards for bait. Lures are also used as well as Dart fillets. Best time to fish is early morning or late afternoon into dark but they will still strike during the day. Fisherman come from all parts of Australia and abroad to take advantage of their spawning season.

Whiting most of the year round where it's not uncommon to catch them over 40cm long. I generally fish a couple of hours either side of the low tide. They will take Pippies (Wong) and worms which are readily available most of the year on the beach.

Flathead like the whiting are found in the shallow gutters  and around the rocks like Poyungan and Yidney. Use Pippies, Worms and Pilchards for bait they will also take lures.

Tarwhine I generally catch them when fishing for the whiting.

Swallow Tail Dart Caught most of the year round using the usual baits. They can be great fun on light gear. Good eating when fresh and have been bled, excellent when smoked. Caught any time of day.

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